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Due to SIRCAA staff expansion, our Institute reopens a set of interesting and well-paid vacant positions for applicants. You will find an updated list of available positions on our website. The number of positions for applicants is limited.
Colleagues, we have great news. A new building of the data center will be fully-functional starting this week.
The meeting with the inspectors of the World Agency for Peaceful Control and Regulation of Radiation Exposure (WAPCRRE) was held within the walls of the Research Institute. As a result, a number of new functioning devices were assessed.
SIIRCA structural growth:

ChNPP weather forecast:

Temperature: -4.0 °C
Humidity: 97 %
Air pres: 742 мм рт.ст.
Wind: 2.3 м/c
Direction of the wind: south-eastern - 106°

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