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Health care

SIRCAA employees are our main production resource. Each employee’s quality of work, as well as the efficiency of labor activities, are based on the health status of every worker. Therefore health protection of employees of the Scientific Institute for Research of the Chernobyl Anomalous Area is a matter of great importance to us.

The structure of SIRCAA includes a health care department (HCD), as well as a wellness and rehabilitation complex (WRC), which provides the appropriate level of medical care at any time. It contributes both to maintaining physical health and creating a healthy microclimate, which helps the staff to focus their efforts on the matter of solving the complex tasks that SIRCAA faces. The social package of the Scientific Institute for Research of the Chernobyl Anomalous Area is one of the best in the country.

There are also recreational and rehabilitation programmes working for the SIRCAA employees, which aim is to improve health when working with high doses of radiation, as well as to cleanse the body after a regular stay in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. This approach reduces the incidence of sickness among employees who regularly contact highly hazardous elements and work in extreme environmental conditions.

Discussions are held annually at the medical board of the Institute aimed at improving working conditions and the quality of medical care. Usually, the new activities are being developed or existing ones are being finalized based on the results of such meetings.

Охрана здоровья НИИЧАЗ

Culture and Sports

Each employee is a part of the SIRCAA family. We strive to diversify our daily routine, therefore we constantly imbue the lives of employees with various kinds of activities — sports competitions that strengthen the spirit, theater parties, musical performances, and other events.

Сфера культуры и спорта Сфера культуры и спорта

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